Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Week of April Forecast

Does anyone remember last year at this time? Everyone was abuzz with the potential of a major April Fool's Day storm. It turns out Old Man Winter was the just a big ol' prankster as the storm fizzled and we barely got a coating of slush.

This year, we won't even have the opportunity to talk about snow, although in the middle of the week we will see a cold blast of air that will certainly feel like winter.

Here are the weather highlights for the week:

*Rain this afternoon (Easter Sunday) will curtail any outdoor plans.
*Once the rain comes through, well see temperatures drop off to the 40s.
*On Tuesday, we'll see high 30s for the day and then it gets even colder for Wednesday. Low 30s with a chance of flurries for both days.
*Sunshine returns on Thursday as do the warmer temps. We'll see it warm back up to the 50s. On Saturday, the cold air returns but not as severely as the midweek Arctic blast. It will be cloudy and in the 40s on Saturday.

Most high school and youth teams should get in all their practices and scrimmages this week. Tennis courts could be wet on Tuesday and Wednesday because of snow flurries, but all field sports should be good to go. Wear your mittens on Wednesday! Any games scheduled for the end of the week will likely not be postponed because of the weather.

Have a great week, and don't forget to enter the GSD Writing Contest!

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