Monday, March 18, 2013

Storm Ginger: Late Night Report

We just endured a grueling 2-hour staff meeting. Junior Staffers on the left said, "Ginger's the bomb! She's going to deliver! Snow day all the way, baby!"

The older guard on the right countered: "Not so fast, young ones. Have you looked at the radar recently? Do you see that massive patch of dry air to our south and west? Is the snow just going to materialize out of thin air?"

It went back and forth like that for a while, but in the end the Junior Staffers begrudgingly came to their senses. The Senior Staffers smiled smugly as if to say, "We've been here before."

So, GSD is officially hedging its earlier bet that practically guaranteed snow days for the northern 2/3rds of Berkshire County. Here's our conundrum, which is your conundrum:

*After the initial blast of snow from around 10 PM to 1 AM, when we'll see about 3 inches come down, we might even see the snow stop toward 3 and 4 AM. This lull in the action could entice school officials to go with a mere delay or even--curses!--a full day of school. For the love of Methusalah, no!
*BUT--and it's a big "but"--the forecast is still for plenty of sleet and snow throughout the day. Will Superintendents risk it and say we've already had too many weather interruptions this year? Or will they err on the side of caution and not risk potentially dangerous travel? This is the $64 gazillion question of the evening.

Look. No one at the GSD Office is happy about our flippity-flopping. We truly hope we're dead wrong and Ginger delivers on her promises. But the visual proof is just too obvious right now (the radar).

Our only hope is if the moisture down there just north of Charlotte moves in a more northerly direction. Right now it looks like it wants to slide off the coast to our south. As the coastal low develops in the overnight hours, it will want to lift that moisture over our region. The problem is that the big chunk of moisture could sneak by us to our east and impact New Hampshire and Maine in a more significant fashion than it will impact us.

We still think there will be plenty of delays to go around tomorrow morning--possibly even the entire county--but we won't be surprised if a few Supers south of Pittsfield decide to go with the full day.


  1. cmon we need a snow day...

  2. This might be a "late night" report if we went to the Little Red School House! Stay up and give us "Night Owls" some late night action!