Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tuesday Storm is For Real

All indications are positive for a moderate and/or heavy snow producer for Monday night into Tuesday. It still might turn to rain, but the consensus in the all the weather discussion groups is that a storm of some significance will hit western New England that will start Monday night and go through the day on Tuesday.

Accuweather is already calling for 4-8" inches; the NOAA probabilistic snow discussion has us getting 4+ inches: and GSD has put up a new storm name poll. These are clear indications that a medium to big storm is on the way! (You have until noon on Monday to vote so don't delay!)

What's encouraging is most of the models are starting to agree.  Even the North American and Euro models are syncing up and spitting out similar scenarios for Monday/Tuesday.

Do keep in mind that the big issue for this storm will be temperature. The storm will start out as snow but mixed precipitation could be a big factor, and valley areas may see rain during the day on Tuesday. That would be a negative scenario. A positive scenario would be an all snow event, with heavy snow throughout the Berkshires.

Our staff is on the case; we'll have a more detailed report tomorrow.

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