Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1st Annual Writing Contest Begins

Hello, Followers of the Flake!  Some of you enjoyed a leisurely day off, we hope, while most of us suffered through another day pondering what could have been. Well, at least the unhappy ones today are one day closer to Summer vacation.

Speaking of Summer...

Summer makes us think of Spring, and Spring makes us think of the end of Winter, and the end of Winter makes us sad, so let's do something to cheer everyone up and put a capstone on this pretty productive Winter of 2012-13.

Let's have a writing contest.

The contest is open to any student in Berkshire County in grades K through 12. Our good friends at True North Financial Services are underwriting this competition, and there is serious money on the line: $300 for the grand prize winner; one big ol' Benjamin for each of two finalists. That's $500 in cash. That's no chump change.

So, get your creative cap on and start crafting that epic story that's about snow. (Actually, "epic" may not be quite the right word as you'll have to grab the judges' attention in less than 300 words! Get in, hit quick, and get out!) Entertain us. Make us laugh. Put us on pins and needles. Just make it good, make it original, make snow a central part of it, and that grand prize could be yours! And we'll print the winning entries right here at GSD.

All the rules and requirements are over to the right, and we'll keep that link there for the duration of the competition. Should you decide to enter, make sure you pay close attention to the requirements. April 10th is the deadline. Spread the word. Or don't, if you want to keep your competition to a minimum.

We can't wait to see what our faithful followers will produce!

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