Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Storm Fannie Losing Her Punch

Storm Fannie it is! (The Weather Channel is going with Saturn on this one.)

Fannie's first punch--kind of a weak and slow left jab--will actually start in the form of light drizzle later today. Tonight she'll change over to snow, but we're only looking at 1-2" with 2" below I-90 and less north of the interstate. We will likely not see a Winter Weather Advisory for phase 1 of the storm, which is not good news for our snow day or even our delay chances.

Precipitation will stop late morning and may even take a break for a while. Then Fannie winds up for her second punch. Unfortunately for Fannie, she's in the lightweight division and she hasn't exactly been hitting the heavy bag lately. Her right cross brings snow starting in the afternoon on Thursday, and we'll see anywhere from 2-4" during the evening and early overnight hours. There will be more snow for the Northern Berkshires this second time around. There is a chance for a delay scenario for Friday but only a slight one.

The combination of weak punches and a poorly timed second punch leave us with no other choice than to attend school for a full day. There certainly is a chance that some districts will call in a delay (especially in South county for tomorrow), but we imagine road crews will have a pretty easy time of dealing with Frannie.

Fearsome Fighting Frannie

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