Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Weather Advisory for Sunday/Monday (12/8 & 9)

We were hoping for a Watch or a Warning for this storm when we first started talking about it last week, but at least we have a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for tonight into tomorrow.

Because of the relative minor nature of this storm, we're not going to name it, but we will hold on to Anya for the first major storm of the winter of 2013-14.

Here's what we like about tonight's storm:

1. Timing.
2. Timing.
3. Sleet.
4. Timing

Here's what we don't like about tonight's storm:

1. Low amount of precipitation.
2. Eventual changeover to rain.

Another big factor here is the psychology of your superintendent, which we know varies from district to district. Superintendents tend to be a little more willing to call for a delay or snow day on these early storms. They haven't used any up yet; they haven't received any angry phone calls about their bad decision on the last storm; they want to reward their students and staff with a little extra sleep as it is the season of generosity (Now wouldn't that last one be special!)

So...we're going to bump up the True North Confidence Meter to 60% largely because of the timing of the storm. We think the commute will be treacherous and that it will make perfect sense to give road crews extra time to combat the sleet that will be falling from about 5 to 8 am.

We'll have an update later tonight!

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