Friday, December 13, 2013

Snow Globe Snow (12/13)

The snow you've witnessed today, Friday, is unrelated to Storm Anya. We wrote about this possibility a few days ago, but the lake effect snow machine is producing at a much higher rate than expected for the northern half of the Berkshires. We could see three or four inches of airy, fluffy snow by the end of the day. These nearly moderate snow showers will persist until the cold front finally gets through and sets the stage for Saturday night's storm.

Here are a few tidbits about tomorrow's Storm Anya:

1. It should start around 11 AM with light accumulations. You should be able to get out and about for much of the day Saturday.
2. Saturday afternoon around 3 or 4 PM is the time when the snow will pick up in intensity.
3. Heaviest snow will fall from about 8 PM to 4 AM.
4. The snow will let up in the morning but we could see another reinforcement of snow between 10 AM and 2 PM on Sunday, giving us in the Berks another inch or two.

Eight inches is still our best estimate. Folks in higher terrains could see a foot.

Here are a few snow projections from our friends at Channel 13 in Albany and NECN:

Courtesy of Channel 13.
Thanks, New England Cable News.
These images are very encouraging. Even if we get half the snow these meteorologists are predicting, we will have snow on the ground for December 25. Well, it's about time!

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