Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nor'easter This Weekend (12/14-15)?

Most people in the Berkshires have two types of winter footwear. There's that low pair you have, maybe a moc or clog-like shoe, that you use for everyday walking around in slush and light snow. For example, yesterday, with the nice 1.5" coating that we got up here in North County, would have been the right day for your low winter shoe.

Your other pair are those enormous winter boots that show less fashion consciousness but indeed they are practical. They're warm, they go to your knee, and, when you you walk around in them, you have all the grace of a rusting Imperial Walker.

Well, guess what? It's finally time to break out the big clunkers because we have a major winter storm headed our way. European and North American models are starting to see eye-to-eye, and we could have a nor'easter to contend with Saturday evening into Sunday, with snow lasting past noon on Sunday. Essentially, energy way out in British Columbia and energy down near Baja California will join together to create a big low pressure system in the lower Ohio Valley or along the mid-Atlantic coast. If the storm can pick up some energy on the mid-Atlantic coast and turn more to the north, we'll have a major nor'easter for Saturday night into Sunday.

Thanks, Accuweather.
Regardless of what the storm does on the coast, we're going to see snow. Consider yourself warned.

We'll have much more about timing and snow totals later in the week. After the weekend storm, brace yourself for the coldest temps of the season: we could hit 0 on Monday night.

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