Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter Storm Warning for Storm Anya (12/14-15)

As we predicted earlier today--way to go, GSD Staff!--the Winter Storm Watch is now a Warning. "Watch" means it could happen; "Warning" means it's going to happen. Criteria for Winter Storm classification is 7" in 12 hours or 9" in a 24-hour period. For the Berkshires, we should meet both criteria.

The Warning starts at 8 AM tomorrow and lasts until 1 PM Sunday. You can pretty much chop a few hours off each end, especially the back end of the storm. We're still confident we'll see the light snow start tomorrow closer to 11 AM than 8 AM. The storm still has a way to go yet as it comes out of the Ohio Valley, reforms off the coast of New Jersey, and then moves toward Cape Cod.

A fun fact about this storm is the snow-to-liquid ratio. Because it's so cold, the ratio is what is termed "light." In this case, light is good. Light means upwards of 15 inches for every inch of precipitation (a moderate ratio is around 10 inches of snow for every inch of liquid), and most computer models are projecting 0.9 or 1.0 inches of liquid precip. That's another reason we could easily see a foot of snow tomorrow night.

We at the GSD Home Office still think we won't quite reach 1 inch of liquid, so we're holding firm to our 8" prediction. We certainly can afford to be wrong by a few inches as no snow day is in play. We do think that many religious services will be cancelled for Sunday morning because of the volume and timing of the snow. High school athletic practices and youth games may be in jeopardy as well, especially if they are scheduled for the morning or midday.

Here are more pretty pictures at which to look:

Lookin' good, Channel 22 out of Springfield!

Not as good, but we'll take it, Channel 6.
Not much different from 13's earlier map, but notice they've bumped the totals.
At this point, there's not much more to do other than sit back and enjoy the snow show. Be careful out on those roads tomorrow, should you dare to venture out. And we endorse staying at home tomorrow night once it gets dark.

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