Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow and More Snow

Get used to this current weather pattern, as we will see a regular threat of snow showers, flurries and perhaps the occasional squall as we make our way toward the weekend and the big storm awaiting us for Saturday night and Sunday.

The best chance for a measurable snow before then is midday Friday, when lake effect snows from Lake Champlain could shoot down the valley and give us a coating or even an inch. It won't be anything like the pounding western New York is taking right now from lake effect snows (over 2 feet in some areas).

In our monitoring of the advancing storm for the weekend, we haven't seen any new info to change our opinion. There is usually a lull in the news a few days ahead of a storm, so we expect the weather hype machine to get ramped up more tomorrow and on Friday.

Most of our sources are calling for around 6" for the Berks. Based on the forecasted amount of moisture and the cold air, the GSD Staff sees a low total of 3" of snow if sleet mixes in and a high total of 10" if everything breaks our way. Right now we think the onset of the snow will be 4 pm on Saturday but that is just an early guesstimate. We'll have more precise information in about 48 hours.

They say Electra, we say Anya.

If history tells us anything, we'll probably see one more storm around the weekend of the 21st and then the pattern will change (most likely a cold, dry stretch). These kinds of storms often come in threes, so counting the fizzle over the weekend, we should see the storm this weekend and one more snow event before the next pattern takes over.

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