Thursday, December 19, 2013

Possible Slick Roads for Friday (12/20)

A stretch of messy weather is in our near future will put our chances of a white Christmas in serious jeopardy.

We have our eye on potential slick road conditions Thursday night into Friday morning's commute. There could be just enough moisture in the air to make the last journey to school for 2013 a tad dangerous. We have about a 50% chance of some form of mixed precipitation for the Berkshires that will fall in the form of sleet or freezing rain. We don't think there will be delays tomorrow, but you might keep half an eye open tomorrow AM to that possibility.

The big, fat downer of the weekend is that a major rain storm will move in Saturday night and last until Sunday. Temperatures are going to shoot up abnormally high--most areas will see mid 50s; NYC could hit 70!--and we might see up to 2" of rain. If it rains that much, say goodbye to most of that foot of white stuff we have. Sorry, cross country skiers. Alpinists should be okay but a few trails on the outskirts could be shut down for a few days.

The major warm-up will not last as we'll see 40s on Monday and then low 20s for a high on Monday. As for our chance of more snow before or on Santa's big day, we aren't seeing any in our meteorological crystal ball. There's a small chance of some snow showers late on Wednesday but it's more likely those snow showers will fall on Thursday.

Unfortunately, this weekend's rain storm could be the end of the three-storm cycle (we've had storms or potential storms for three straight weekends), which we've written about before. We don't see anything in the long-term for 28th/29th, but we'll certainly keep everyone updated on storms even though it's vacation week. The GSD Staff doesn't do vacations this time of year; we've got you covered.

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