Monday, December 16, 2013

Alberta Clipper Coming to Town

Our biggest Alberta Clipper of the season will descend upon us Tuesday, giving us an opportunity for a few additional inches of snow. Never is there much moisture associated with an AC (0.1 or 0.2" is the norm), but this one will be stopping on the coast briefly to pick up moisture and develop into a minor coastal storm. Unfortunately for us (but not for the eastern part of the state), the developing coastal low will head east-northeast and out to sea before it can really turn into a snow machine.

We should see about 2" of fresh powder from the storm, starting at about 8 AM tomorrow. Locales in and around Boston could see up to 6". The timing is not good enough for a delay or snow day in the Berkshires, and the anticipated volume isn't high enough for an early release. With the December finish line in sight, there's no great urge for a snow day right now--we might as well save it up for the winter doldrums of late January and early February.

A classic Alberta Clipper arc. Courtesy of Accuweather.
We'll keep you posted should the storm look to arrive earlier than expected.

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