Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Early Snow Forecast Maps for Jan. 2-3

(For a more a detailed discussion of the storm and its positives and negatives, see the previous post.)

Here are few early maps to give you a sense of the spread of the forecasts:

Here's Accuweather's view.

The North American model, courtesy of TWC.
The European model, courtesy of TWC.
Historically, the European model has been a more accurate predictor of events, but there are times when the North American model gets on a hot streak and gets things right. Even if we average these maps, we're looking at a good 7-8" of fresh powder. That's what we're talking about!

The heaviest snow will fall Thursday night. As for school, we could see a full snow day or an early release on Thursday, and then on Friday we would see delays, if anything. After school activities and games on Thursday are very much in jeopardy at this point in our prognostications.

We'll know a lot more tomorrow morning and will provide a more definitive update then.

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