Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Freezing Fog (!) Alert

We don't get one often, but we have a freezing fog alert for Berkshire County. Yes! With fog moving in AND temperatures dipping below freezing tonight, we could see patchy black ice on the roadways because of the fog.

For you hopeful types, we don't think there will be any delays associated with this unusual winter weather event because alert municipal road crews will be able to treat surfaces before the school commute begins. We will not change the True North Confidence Meter in response to the freezing fog potential.

As for the end of the week, mixed precipitation is making a comeback and is a possibility on Friday. It's more likely that the snow and sleet will affect areas to our north, but the northern portion of the Berkshires could see some sleet mixing in with light rain on Friday.

Saturday looks okay, but then the anticipated Sunday/Monday storm comes into town. We'll see snow and mixed precipitation starting on Sunday afternoon (most likely), and the temps will not move above freezing until the late morning hours on Monday. So...the very real chance of a delay exists for Monday. We at GSD are eagerly awaiting the advancement of this storm.

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