Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Chances for Snow

Sorry, folks, for the misleading information about yesterday's (Monday's) non-delay. The radar doesn't lie (usually), and that was definitely the case yesterday as the wedge of dry air stayed over us despite many signs pointing toward a moisture infusion to our area.

It's a bit of a shaky start for the GSD staff, but don't you worry! We're having high-level administrative meanings and will aggressively attack the problem. Blame will be found, and it isn't going to be pretty that individual.

As we get back on the horse, here's the latest:

It's snowing right now (Tuesday, midday)! But it is of the lightest kind you will ever see. It's more of snow drizzle, but we could see up to an inch by the end of the day. Your travel will not be impacted. If it's going to be this gray and miserable out, it might as well snow!

Better yet is the news that forecast models--at least most of them--are forecasting a "winter event" for this weekend. Right now we are rooting heavily for the European model to be the right one, as it is forecasting a low to develop off the coast of Long Island. This location would be ideal for a moderate to heavy snowfall. If everything goes in our favor, and Euro comes through, we're looking at totals of 6-8" of the fluffy white stuff. If the storm fizzles, we'll see snow, some mixing, and the plain old cold rain. Ugh.

We've got our eye on it, and will let you know how this storm will affect all your holiday activities.

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