Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rain Then Snow Tonight

The NWS finally got around to posting a Winter Weather Advisory for the Northern Berkshire county at 3:43 AM this morning.

This storm has sped up about 8-12 hours, and we're now going to see a mostly rain event with a few inches of snow at the end of it before midnight. Temps are good right now (27.6 degrees at 8 AM), but they will rise to the low 40s by this afternoon, which is why we'll see more rain than snow.

That large green blob is moving in a northeasterly direction and will be over us midday; it won't turn blue until much later tonight.
The rain should kick in around noon, and it could fall at a moderate and heavy rate for stretches this afternoon. If you need to get outside to exercise or do some kind of outdoor task, you do have a short window this morning to git 'er done.

The snow, when it falls, should end about midnight so tomorrow's commute is looking much, much better than it did about 24 hours ago. not expect this snow to impact your life very much. The rain could be a major headache for anyone travelling today, but the snow window is short and will make the roads messy this evening after 8 PM.

We think we'll see about 1.5" of snow only for this minor vacation snow event.

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