Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter Weather Advisory for Friday Night (12/6)

Locate those galoshes now! The first moderate snowfall is on the way, hey hey hey.

The Berkshires look like the big winner tonight as most Wx (that's some shorthand weatherese for "weather") prognosticators (that's just a big word we like to use to sound more intelligent than we actually are) have us in the 3-7" range with some of the more aggressive forecasters thinking we'll see upwards of 8 inches. Nice.

A modest forecast, but it's Friday night, so what does it really matter?
It's definitely going to snow, and you will need to exert some energy to get yourselves on your way tomorrow, wherever you're headed.

We're still on course (see the post below) for a 6 PM start to this at times intense burst of snow.

And here's a little preview of our next item of interest:

We like it. Thanks, Accuweather.

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