Saturday, December 14, 2013

Storm Anya On Time

The GSD Staff was up all night checking its sources from around the globe, and we're still on track for about 8 or 9" of snow. See the previous post for a sense of the time line of this storm. We still think 11 AM is about right for the start time, and the first few hours of the storm will bring only light snow. The heavy stuff kicks in after dark.

Let's play a little game called "If Storm Anya Had Fallen on a School Day." What would the call have been? The official GSD prediction for this storm would have been for the delightful but rare Release/Snow Day double. Had this storm fallen on a Thursday, let's say, we would have had an early release on Thursday followed by a snow day on Friday. Now that would have been soothing to the winter soul!

Enjoy the weekend; it's going to be fun. Get out there and frolic in the white stuff. But be sure to button up because it's wicked chilly out there, as they might say out east. Speaking of east, here's a forecast from Boston:

NECN has a strong eastern Mass bias, but these totals are more in line with our thinking.
(BTW, we're over 200,000 page views--thanks, followers of the flake!)

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