Sunday, December 15, 2013

Storm Anya Exits; Find Your Scarf

Storm Anya behaved just about as expected except that it ended earlier than we thought it would. It turned out to be a fairly fast moving storm and the low pressure center cruised on out past Cape Cod and took the heavy precipitation with it around 4 AM. It also warmed up more than forecasters thought, and it was actually drizzling rain earlier this morning (7 AM) even though the temperature was well below freezing. Had this storm fallen on a school day, a delay would have been more likely than a snow day.

We'll still see a light drizzle of snow and a few more sustained bursts until midday, but the accumulation will be under an inch. The grand total of snow for Anya will be about 8" as measured at the GSD Headquarters.

Brace for the cold tomorrow. Mid-tees for the high temperature and the wind will be up, giving us wind chill values well below zero. Add the scarf to your outfit tomorrow so you can cover your face.

We don't have to wait long for our next chance for snow. We have a small system that could affect the Berkshires during the afternoon hours on Tuesday. It's timing is perfectly terrible for a snow day/delay scenario, but it could affect after-school activities that day. It will impact eastern New England more than our area, but it still could bring several inches of snow. We'll, of course, keep you updated.

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