Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Winter Weather Advisory for the Berkshires

The NWS has deemed that the snowfall totals will be high enough to merit the announcement of a Winter Weather Advisory. The Advisory begins at 11 AM and ends at 7 AM Wednesday.

The only change to our last post is that it looks like the snow will start closer to 1 PM, not 4 PM. Because of the earlier start to the snow, many schools will have to make the tough decision whether to cancel afternoon and evening activities or not. The snow should be light, which should spare most after-school practices and rehearsals, but games and performances in the evening might be in jeopardy. Sometimes people forget we're New Englanders and are more adept at driving in the snow.

The snow should get to the Berkshires by 1 PM.
The GSD Staff sees no reason to up the chances for a delay tomorrow. A few rogue schools will call one in, but most students will have a full day of school tomorrow. But we'll of course update you if the snow intensifies or looks like it's going to hold on longer than we are anticipating right now.

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