Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Freezing Drizzle and Black Ice

We're not completely out of the woods yet with this persistent little (almost )ice storm.

The drizzle continued all day throughout Berkshire County, and with the temperature right around freezing, we saw a variety of precipitation types during the day.

The current radar (9:45 PM) shows that a few more snow showers are likely to pass through tonight on top of the drizzle and fog. The temperature is at 33 degrees in most parts of the County, but it shouldn't drop very much overnight. Even if it does drop a degree or two, we could see many roads ice up.

So...we can't rule out a delay or two tomorrow morning as the conditions will only gradually improve overnight. Here's a shocker: we should see breaks of sun tomorrow as the storm finally lifts out of our area.

There are still no big snow systems in our sights in the long-term forecast. We've heard rumblings from some of our sources that February is going to make up for this very weak January, but we'll see. We still have a few weeks to go to close out this month.

Drive safely!

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