Monday, January 23, 2017

Weather Grab Bag

We have new information about the storm as well as some maps.

1. One, it's colder now than forecasters thought it was going to be, which will increase our chance for frozen precipitation.

2. Because that colder air is in place, the start of the storm will be later than forecasted. Precipitation will arrive after 3 PM. This also increases our chances for delays on Tuesday.

3. The strong cyclonic swirl of this powerful storm will funnel colder air into our area, again increasing our chances for frozen precipitation.

4. The end of the Winter Weather Advisory is now for 1 PM on Tuesday, not 7 PM.

Most forecasters are projecting 1-4 inches of frozen precipitation for the Berkshires. The peak hours of the storm will be from 7 PM to 1 AM tonight.

We think most after school activities will take place, but games and performance after dinner tonight are in serious jeopardy of being postponed to another date.

Delays are still possible tomorrow. We don't think all schools will have them tomorrow, but schools that serve students in higher elevation towns, especially those in eastern Berkshire County, will see an increased chance for delays.

In many ways this storm is similar to last Tuesday's storm, but more potent. The official GSD Staff position is sleet, sleet, and more sleet. We expect over an inch of sleet throughout the night in most locations.

Here are some maps:



More Albany, and by far the more optimistic of our forecasts.

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