Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cold Air Returns and Light Snow Tonight

The weather pattern appears to be shifting, and the tail end of January and the early part of February will resemble something that looks and feels like winter.

We might get an inch of snow tonight from essentially lake effect snows. The timing looks to be between 6 PM and midnight for some very light snow.

Currently, we don't have any big snowmakers in our meteorological crystal ball, but we will see the temps drop significantly, which will allow for plentiful snow-making and backyard skating rinks to freeze up. Daily high temps will settle in around 30 for the next week or so, and we'll get the experience the joy of single digit temps when you wake up on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning. Good times!

Change is good, though. It's a fairly simple formula. A shift in the pattern of the jet stream can often lead to unsettled conditions. Unsettled atmospheric conditions leads precipitation. And when the air is cold enough, you know what happens to the precipitation.

We have half an eyeball on a Tuesday/Wednesday event, but it looks to be fairly minor. The good news, though, is that multiple sources are saying that February is going to be stormy. The proof will be in the pudding, as they say. Historically, February is our snowiest month and produces our biggest storms.

Get your popcorn ready--it could be a fun month.

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