Monday, January 30, 2017

Snow for Tuesday Afternoon and Night

The latest runs of the models suggest that there might be just a little more liquid precipitation headed our way for tomorrow, but it will be not enough to earn this storm classification as a major winter event.

Our sources tell us that we can expect to see 1-3 inches in the Berkshires, with more in the towns near the Vermont border and less in towns down by Connecticut.

The Alberta Clipper should come through in the early afternoon, and we'll see snow for 6-10 hours. Because it will be so light, it won't accumulate all that much. The good news is that there will certainly be enough cold air in place for snow to fall for the entire duration of the event. Shovelers rejoice--there will be no sleet this week.

We still do not believe there will be delays on Wednesday, despite the uptick in the forecast for slightly more snow. The timing will be early, and Superintendents are probably still feeling some backlash from last week's snow day (that should have been a delay).

Good news: the GSD collective eyebrow certainly has been raised by what we're reading about for a storm at the beginning of next week. Of course it's way too early to tell for certain, but there's something about the tone of the first few reports that we've read that suggests a coastal storm is possible for the Sunday/Monday/Tuesday period. It might not pan out, but the ingredients for a moderate storm are out there in the atmosphere.

This is a map for next Monday. Even though it isn't a direct hit, you can see how it is suggesting coastal development. If those darker green areas move over New England--which is possible--we would see 4-7 inches of snow.

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