Monday, January 23, 2017

Evening Storm Update

The computer models do not know how to process this storm. The Euro model is calling for more colder temps and more snow; the North American model is calling for warmer temperatures and more sleet and rain. Meteorologists don't know which guidance, as they call it, they should follow.

The good news for those hoping for a delay or snow day tomorrow is that the storm has been much slower in getting to the Berkshires, which means its effects--snow, sleet, freezing rain and wind--could easily work their way into tomorrow morning's commute.

The bad news is the uncertainty of the precipitation type. We're just going to have to wait it out until tomorrow morning to know how bad the ice and sleet and snow are.

One school district will not need to wait it out tomorrow and that's Southern Berkshire. They called in their two-hour delay earlier this afternoon. This is a very aggressive play by the South Berkshire Superintendent, and we fully endorse his style at GSD. Why get up at 4 AM when you don't have to (as most Supers do on questionable weather days)?

Heavy precipitation to our south will strongly impact the Berkshires around 8 PM.
We do see an impressive swath of moderate to heavy precipitation headed our way (see above). If it comes down as snow or sleet, driving conditions will be treacherous for a several hour period tonight. The reason snow totals are not predicted to be higher is because much of the accumulation will be in the form of sleet.

We still think 2-4 inches is what we'll see in the Berkshires with lower totals in the valleys and higher totals in the hill towns, especially on the east side of the County.

We also think a few more schools will join Southern Berkshire tomorrow with the delayed start to school, but it will likely not be a clean sweep for all Berkshire students.

We'll be running our delay and cancellation list starting around 5:30 tomorrow morning. Enjoy the evening, and keep your fingers crossed that the temperature stays at or below freezing.

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