Friday, January 27, 2017

Snow Showers Today; Quiet Week Ahead

We received a half inch of snow at the GSD Home Office overnight, only 8 hours later than we predicted yesterday.

We will see a few spotty showers and squalls today as lake-effect moisture from the Great Lakes region overspreads the Berkshires. Most of those showers look to be targeted for the northern half of Berkshire County, but all county denizens should see (or already have seen) flakes today. An inch is about the best we can expect from these showers and squalls.

Not much to write home about.
More nuisance snow is expected Sunday morning and Tuesday night. The snow on Tuesday night could be slightly heavier, but it will only be a broomable event, not a shovelable one. Also, for what seems like the sixth week in a row, we won't be seeing much of Mr. Sun's smiling face.

Temps will still be moderate for the next few days--mid 30s--until we see the mercury plummet on Monday night down toward the low teens.

Enjoy the weekend!

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