Monday, January 16, 2017

Snow for Tuesday Afternoon

Just a few updates to our earlier discussion of the Winter Weather Advisory for Tuesday:

*The NWS now starts the Advisory at 10 AM, not 3 PM, for the Berkshires. There will be a brief period of snow and/or sleet then a lull in the action then a return to more steady snow and sleet in the afternoon.

*There will be enough cold air in place for all snow for the late afternoon time frame of the storm. We could easily see 3-4 inches in higher elevations in the Berkshires, especially in eastern locales. Lower elevations will see more sleet and freezing rain as the approaching rain overspreads the area and falls through the cold air still trapped in place.

*School officials will have to make decisions about the fate of after-school activities. It could be messy at school release time and likely will be slick when most practices and rehearsals let out.

*We're still hesitant to predict delays for Wednesday. Most of the precipitation will end well before the buses run in the morning.

From our friends at Springfield at Channel 22.

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