Thursday, January 5, 2017

Evening and Overnight Snow for Friday

There are no two ways to look it at: it's winter. The temps are in the 20s, the wind is blowing, black ice is all around, and we might get snow tonight. All the signs point to January in the Berkshires.

We won't see the temperature above freezing until Tuesday. Ponds should be skateable by Monday, possibly.

We do have a small chance of a messy commute tomorrow morning. A clipper-type system is approaching from the west, and there is a small chance we could get an inch or two of snow just in time for the morning commute. The snow will be light, but drivers should be aware to take it slow tomorrow morning (Friday). The GSD Staff does not think that it will lead to any delays tomorrow--road crews should be able to handle it--but there is an outside chance a district calls in a delay.

The long-range outlook is not encouraging. Rain for the middle of next week as temps warm back up into the 40s and that's about it. Rats.

We did narrowly miss a blockbuster of a storm for this weekend, but all the ingredients did not come together. It was close, though, to being a major nor'easter. Maybe we'll get it next time!

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