Saturday, January 21, 2017

Messy Situation Developing for Monday Night

We've been complaining about a lack of big storms recently, and now those complaints can officially cease. There are many conditions attached to the next statement, but here it is: we have a huge nor'easter shaping up for Monday afternoon and evening and Tuesday early.

Unfortunately, most signs are pointing to a major rain event. We will get over an inch of liquid precipitation in the Berkshires, and parts of coastal New England (namely Maine) will see over four inches of liquid precipitation.

If there is enough cold air in place--a few models are, in fact, predicting that there will be--then we could be looking at a 4-8 inch storm starting on Monday afternoon.

There's so much disagreement in the models right now that we're not even going to speculate on the length of the school day on Tuesday. There's no sense getting into a tizzy about it just yet. But we do know there won't be early releases on Monday as the storm will start after afternoon dismissals.

We know it's not particularly satisfying to hear now, but the only advice we can offer is that this storm bears watching. Whatever happens, a lot of liquid is going to fall from the sky and the winds will howl Monday night and Tuesday morning. It's a very big storm.

We'll have more throughout the weekend.

Even though this map does not include Berkshire County, you can extend the blue-gray snow prediction of 3-4 inches into our area. This map is from Taunton. People in that part of the state know that the Berkshires are in Massachusetts in theory, but in This map shows the expected snow totals by 1 PM on Tuesday.

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