Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Quiet Week Ahead

Happy New Year, all you followers of the flake. We don't have too much of anything exciting to report other than that the mercury is going to head into decline later in the week.

After the rain finally stops tonight, we'll see warm temps for most of one more day before they drop down toward more seasonable levels in the afternoon (Wednesday). Expect increased gustiness and the occasional snow shower especially later in the afternoon as lake effect snow potentially impacts our area. Any accumulation will be under an inch.

Starting tomorrow, the temperature will creep a little lower each day as high pressure moves into our area. High pressure is great news if you wanted to make artificial snow at a ski resort, but it's bad for the rest of us who want real snow storms. We want low pressure systems, and we're not going to see any of those until maybe the beginning of next week.

Over the weekend we will struggle to see 20 degrees on the thermometer. Lows will be in the single digits on Saturday and Sunday.

Our next chance for snow is Wednesday the 11th of January. Be patient; it will come.

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