Monday, January 16, 2017

Wiinter Weather Advisory for Tuesday

The winter storm machine that made December such a blast has apparently run out of fuel. We've had a very dull January so far, and it does not look promising for the rest of the month. It will interesting to see how this January ranks in terms of temperatures and warmest Januaries ever. We've had several days in the 40s, and more 40 degree days are in the forecast for the next 10 days. It could easily make the top 10.

But we do have some winter nastiness to contend with tomorrow. A Winter Weather Advisory for the Berkshires has been posted for tomorrow starting at 3 PM and lasting until 7 AM on Wednesday. Expect snow, sleet, and freezing rain throughout the afternoon, with more of all three precipitation types in the north and lower amounts in the south.

The timing of the iciness is not ideal for delays on Wednesday. It will all arrive too early. There is an outside shot for a shorter school day on Wednesday, but we don't think the delay call will be universally employed by Superintendents. We think there's a better chance games and performances could be postponed Tuesday night because of the roads.

Ultimately, we don't think this storm will cause too much trouble, but there is the potential for an extended period of sleet in the afternoon that has necessitated the Winter Weather Advisory. Be safe on the roads, and we'll update tomorrow morning to give our dear readers a clearer sense of the likelihood of after-school activities being cancelled.

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