Monday, January 30, 2017

The Latest on Tuesday's Snow Storm

Here's a word we haven't heard in a few months: pivot. The GSD Staff is beginning to pivot on its earlier stance on the Tuesday snow event. While we still think the snow will end before the start of school on Wednesday, several indicators show that we could get up to 5 inches in some part of Berkshire County.

You snowhounds will like this map:

Earlier today we spared you a different version of this map because it only showed 1 inch for the county. We didn't think you'd like it. But now it's showing 4 inches in Pittsfield, which is a great sign for you greedy sorts who want a delay on Wednesday. A snow day is absolutely out of the question, and we mean it.

The reason for the enhanced snow prediction is that we're actually going to see two clipper systems zip through our area tomorrow. The first will generate snow beginning between 4 and 6 PM, and the second will generate snow from 9 to 3 AM.

This storm has the potential to sneak up on us, so we will raise the chance for a delay on the True North Confidence Meter to 10%. The leading candidates for calling in the delay are schools north of I-90 and Southern Berkshire, of course.

Stay alert and drive carefully tomorrow evening. Games/concerts/performances could get postponed if the snow starts earlier than 4 PM.

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