Thursday, December 11, 2014

We've Come Full Circle

This is it, folks. Today's the last day (more or less) of Storm Moonracer's three-day engagement with the Northeast states of the CONUS and Berkshire County

We felt the initial storm surge from the south back on Tuesday. Then, moisture started to pour in from the east and northeast. Yesterday the snow came in from the north and west, and this morning the radar shows a few patches of snow showers moving toward us from the south. That what's happens when the low pressure sits directly on top of you.

We should see snow showers throughout the day, especially this morning from south to north as light snow bands move through Berkshire County. Perhaps another half in is possible.

As for delays this morning, again we are seeing several from communities that border Berkshire County, but only Florida Elementary (Abbott Memorial) has called in the delay. We'll keep our tally going here, but we can say that the drive in to GSD HQ route 7 in Williamstown was fine as the crews were out most of the night cleaning up.


Florida Elementary
Emma Willard

Southwest Vermont SU
New Lebanon

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