Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Storm Moonracer Will Linger for Two More Days

While most students in Berkshire County had to endure an entire day of school today--the horror, the horror--we are not quite finished with this storm just yet even though the National Weather Service has cancelled the Winter Weather Advisory for the Berkshires.

The changeover at the GSD Home Office was so rapid we didn't even see a flake or an ice pellet. Some locals to our south and east saw a fair bit of ice this morning, which necessitated the delays becoming full snow days. Truth be told, Superintendents really had no idea what to do today, which explains the fairly even distribution of delays, snow days, and early releases. It was indeed a crapshoot this morning. Some decisions were good ones; others were not. Let's hope the storms are not all this difficult this winter.

As for the rest of the storm, we do need to keep alert for deteriorating road conditions. The heavy rain we're seeing this afternoon will let up tonight. Because the storm is going to stall over southern New England, we'll have the threat of on-again-off-again precipitation for Wednesday and Thursday.

It probably won't be cold enough in the pre-dawn hours to see any shortening of the school day on Wednesday, but we could see enough cold air and enough moisture to generate periods of snow Wednesday night and into the morning commute on Thursday. If we're going to get anything more out of this storm, it will be delays on Thursday morning.

More to follow tomorrow.

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