Thursday, December 11, 2014

More December Wintery Gifts?

Even though Moonracer did not deliver a major snow storm, it did give us arguably one of the prettiest, story-book snows you will ever see. With just enough stickiness to coat every surface thoroughly, the few inches we received last evening did wonders to brighten the holiday mood. Bring on the egg nog and the gingerbread cookies!

So, what's next on the docket? Besides the announcement of GSD Writing Contest #3--details to be announced this weekend!--we do have our eye on a little disturbance for the middle of next week. Some models are hinting at yet another Tuesday/Wednesday storm (all three storms this season have started on Tuesdays). We shall see.

As for the weekend, we may actually see the sun on Saturday. It will be that big yellow round thing that looks a lot like the moon, only much, much brighter. And as tempting as it might be--don't look at it.

Temps should be in the mid-30s to high 20s for the next week or so. The temperature is starting to nose downward. The next time we might see the mid 40s could be in March.

Enjoy the relatively quiet end of the work week!

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