Thursday, December 18, 2014

Light Snow for Thursday AM

The white stuff has returned--albeit for a brief time--and most of Berkshire County is enjoying a beautifying half inch covering this morning. Unfortunately, the roads are too warm for it to stick, although some slush could accumulate in places so take heed as you make your way out onto those highways and bi-ways.

The snow won't last this morning, but snow showers could persist all the way until the early afternoon hours. It'll make things look nice out there, but we're not going to see any delays or early releases. [UPDATE: Hoosick Falls and Berlin (NY) have phoned in 2-hour delays, but nothing for Berkshire County schools as of 7 AM.]

As for upcoming storms, we have only bad news. Our Sunday storm has decided to take a most unkindly southerly track, and we might see just a little light snow in the middle of the day (no more than an inch). As for next week and the chances of white Christmas, things are looking none too good. We might have a big rainstorm on Wednesday and then a chance of snow showers on the back end of that storm as it heads out on Thursday (similar to what's happening right now).

We don't like it one bit but that's what we're seeing on the storm front.

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