Friday, December 5, 2014

Attention on Tuesday

A happy Friday to you all. We have some messiness approaching us from the south and the west, but this will be a mostly rain event for the Berkshires tonight and throughout the day on Saturday. The precipitation could start as snow and/or sleet tonight for a short period before the changeover. NOAA has issued WWAs for the areas to our north, so it's possible Northern Berkshire might pick up an Advisory later this afternoon only if forecasters think there will be icing. If you're riding around between 6 and 9 PM tonight, you'll want to be attentive to icy patches.

As for the big news...we're seeing minor rumblings about a moderate to large storm that could descend upon us and bring its wrath starting on Monday night. This storm is a little more complicated than the pre-Thanksgiving storm (Storm Mincemeat), so we strongly urge that you don't get too ahead of yourselves on this one. However, it must be said that the potential exists for possible a possible snow day on Tuesday if the stars align and all of the moving parts of this storm fall into place.

The Euro model takes the storm toward the West (big storm); the North American takes it farther East (nothing to worry about). Thanks to Accuweather for the image.
Once again it's the Euro model leading the way, and allegedly the Euro has been pretty good lately 5 and 6 days in advance of a storm. Bernie Rayno, the Northeast Winter Weather expert at Accuweather, is very bullish on this storm. He's already calling for 6+ for our area, with 12+ across upper NY, most of VT and NH, and interior sections of Maine. The Weather Channel is less certain about this storm, giving it only a 2 in 10 chance that they will give it a name (which means it has a better chance of being a bust than a blockbuster).

What you need to do right now is not worry about it. With so many differences of opinion, there's no sense in getting too excited too soon. On Sunday we'll have a much better read on the storm and how it will or won't affect the school day on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend. Keep one eye open for bad driving conditions tonight.

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