Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Holidays, Snow Lovers -- Don't Forget the Writing Contest!

The GSD Staff wishes everyone a very merry and happy holiday break. We hope you have time to spend quality time together with family and friends without the pressure of work/school hanging over you.

Don't forget to work on your holiday song parodies! The GSD/True North Writing Contest deadline is on January 4th at midnight. Remember, you don't have to perform your GSD holiday song re-write. Just send your rewritten lyrics to 228 Cold Spring Road in Williamstown, MA (care of GSD). If your song is chosen as the winner, we'll find someone who can actually sing to perform you're new version for all the world to see.

As for weather that might impact Berkshire County, we have zip a dee doo dah to report for the region at the moment. It's fairly nutty to think that we had more snow for Thanksgiving than we do right now, but that's how it is in this mixed up meteorological world of 2014-15.

Colder temps are on the way. Thanks to Accuweather for the image.
This mild weather is disconcerting--maybe global warming is having an effect on New England after all--but we think temperatures will moderate to more seasonable levels by Tuesday (December 30). Once we get back to more seasonable temperatures, the likelihood for a major snow storm increases significantly.

Unfortunately, the jet stream is not working in our favor. We might see a few snow showers on Sunday in advance of the drop in temps. After the cold slips back into the region, we're eyeing Wednesday, January 7th as our next legitimate chance for a school-shortening snow event. Even that storm is not very encouraging.

Boy is it grim on the ol' weather forecasting front, but at least the sun came out for a few minutes today. And we may see even more of the sun over the next week. At least there's that.

We'll chime in soon as soon as we have something newsworthy to report. Until then, get cracking on those song parodies!

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