Saturday, December 6, 2014

Early Storm Info (for Tuesday)

We've been touting the European Model as the go-to weather forecaster for the last few years. Even though this map will do nothing to temper the hype we are likely to see before Tuesday's storm, we still feel it's necessary to pass it on, even though it seems pretty preposterous. It's a future-cast of the probable snowfall for this storm through Wednesday:

Thanks to Henry Margusity and Accuweather for this image.

We are right in that 18" range for this map, which is a very, very optimistic forecast. It's our professional opinion that there's no way this storm is going to deliver this amount of moisture and snow. We might not even see much snow at all as the lack of cold air in place could yield more rain than frozen precip. Still, it's fun to see what could potentially come our way if the Snow Gods smile down upon us.

Despite our skepticism about this storm's ability to generate the same level of snow as Storm Mincemeat, we're going to open up a naming poll just in case. 

More to follow on Sunday.

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