Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Forecast

Mr. Sun made a brief appearance yesterday, but it's back to hibernation for him as we have an unsettled week filled with--sadly--mostly rain. We might see the sun again on Friday.

For today, Sunday, we'll see light snow drizzle and possible bursts of more steady snow during the day today. Accumulations will be under a half an inch if it snows at all.

Monday night we might see mixed precipitation. We'd love it if it somehow extended into Tuesday morning's commute but that chance is remote as the temperature will be steadily rising.

Starting Tuesday, we will see rain, and during the day on Wednesday (Christmas Eve) we could see heavy rain and high winds. Temps might approach 50 in some parts around here! This is all because the low pressure system is going to to track up the coast and to our west. We wrote during the last storm how we always want or storms to track to our east because the counterclockwise rotation of the storm pulls that good cold air over us and turns the precipitation to snow. When storms track to our west, we end up on the warm side of the storm.

As we wrote in an earlier post, there's a small chance that we will see snow on December 25 as the back end of the Wednesday storm wraps cold air into the Berkshires and sets up intermittent snow shower possibilities. These snow showers will more likely occur in the afternoon than in the morning. We do not encourage breath-holding for a white Christmas.

We may see Winter Weather Advisories for tomorrow night because of the threat of ice. We'll have more info about that development tomorrow. Enjoy the short week!

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