Monday, December 29, 2014

Dry Spell Continues; Snow for the Weekend?

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The US weather map has had a bizarre look to it these days. The cold in the middle of the country is no surprise, but the dry and--until today--warm air in the Northeast just didn't feel right. What also probably doesn't feel right is snow in southern California and in Las Vegas. Absurd.

We demand some normalcy from Old Man Winter for the start of the new year.

We may not have to wait too long in 2015 for our first snowfall. There will be a storm this weekend at some point on Saturday and Sunday. Once again, the forecast models are in disagreement. Our beloved European model does give us a low pressure system to our south and east that will ride up the coast. Unfortunately, it's predicting that there will not be a lot of moisture with it. An inch or two of snow would be a best case scenario. The North American model pushes the storm to our west but raises the amount of moisture. If the storm chooses this track, we will see mixed precip and then all rain.

Also, as of today (Monday), we see do not have enough information about any storms that will impact the Berkshires when we get back to school on the 5th.

Having no snow right now is bad, but nearly as bad as the traffic pile-ups will be when those SoCal types try to drive in snow. Best of luck to them!

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