Monday, December 8, 2014

The Late Night Last Word on Storm Moonracer

A few more schools in New York have gone ahead with the pre-paid early releases and two-hour delays, but no one near Berkshire County (excluding Abbott Elementary in Florida). It looks like you're going to have to wait until tomorrow morning for a decision, but that is the right course of action.

This is the latest radar image, and it only confirms our skepticism.

Radar as of 9:30 PM, Monday night

We do not love the bifurcation of the southern part of that energy. We've seen this split before in the past, and we hope the dry slot does not make its way over Berkshire County. The big green blob on the right (just below New Jersey) is moving northerly; we need it to shift more toward the east and collide with the cold air over Berkshire County, which would turn the green into a more appealing light blue (snow) or pink color (ice). If it does pan out, the precipitation will be very heavy in the first few hours of the storm and we'd be back in business.

Check in tomorrow morning but get your homework done tonight.