Monday, March 6, 2017

Week of March 6 Forecast

It sure was cold this past weekend. Having been softened up by the 70 degree temps from the week before, we all probably felt that the cold was worse than it actually was.

We have a wide variety of weather offerings for this week. Numerous rain showers will move in on Tuesday. We will see temps slide back up into the mid-50s on Wednesday, but winter will return by the weekend. Snow showers are possible Thursday night into Friday. The coldest day of the week will be Saturday, when we will see a high in the low 20s. It will be cold but not as bad as this past weekend.

We are also monitoring a possible light or even moderate snowfall for Saturday night. Some models are showing a coastal storm development late Saturday night, which would mean a shovel-able amount of snow for Sunday. It will not be a major storm, but it certainly could impact travel and outdoor sports on Sunday.

But the really bad news of the entire week as that we lose an hour of sleep this upcoming weekend. Yes, it's already time to move those clocks ahead at 2 AM on Sunday.

And we leave you with a fun fact: did you know that the correct expression is Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time? Most people incorrectly throw that S on the end of saving when they talk about losing or gaining an hour of sleep. And now you know.

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