Thursday, March 30, 2017

Winter Weather Advisory for Northern Berkshire

The NWS has just changed the Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Weather Advisory. Under normal circumstances we would consider this a downgrade and our chance for a snow day would also be downgraded, but nothing about this storm is typical.

The forecast now is for 4-7 inches of snow but--as we feared might happen earlier in the day--the storm is now scheduled to start a few hours earlier. The Winter Weather Advisory begins at 2 AM, which means it could be snowing and/or sleeting right in the wheelhouse hours of 4-5 AM.

A slight upgrade from earlier in the day. Image courtesy of the NWS.
So...we're going to alter the True North Confidence Meter only slightly. North County schools have a better chance for a snow day now due to the improved timing, but not by that much. South County schools still look like they'll be left out as the snow fall total likely won't be high enough to warrant snow days.

Looks about right. Thanks to WNYT Channel 13 for this image.
Because of the very long time period of this system--all the way through Saturday afternoon--it doesn't seem as if it will be snowing hard enough in a short enough period of time to make the roads supes dangerous. But that's merely speculation on our part as this storm is proving to be very hard to nail down even 12 hours in advance of it.

We'll be out of commission for a few hours this evening, but we will be back around 9 PM for our final update of the day.

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