Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Snow For Friday

Just when it seemed we had turned the corner--whammo!--winter is back. Or so we think.

According to our sources of information, it looks like snow will fall in the Berkshires starting late on Thursday night. Yes, the morning commute could be impacted.

As of this morning, we're seeing a wide range of possibilities for snow outcomes. At the low end, we would see a coating of heavy wet, slushy snow in lower elevations with a transition to rain by midmorning. In higher elevations, the snow would hold on for longer, leading to 2-4 inch snow totals, before the rain kicks in in the afternoon. Given this outlook, we might have a delay or two in the usual locations (Florida, Central Berkshire, Southern Berkshire).

From the NWS--not too bad so far. But this map will be updated.
On the high end, we could see 4-6 inches in the lower elevations and 8-12 in the hill towns. Given this outlook, we would see--[deep sigh]--cancellations.

Those of you who want to get on with spring, take comfort that there are many moving parts with this storm and it could all turn to rain. Keep those fingers crossed.

Those of you who want a snow day--pretty much 12th graders and that's it--you've been on a hot streak this winter, so why won't that continue?

The GSD Staff is at the ready; we'll have much more later today.

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  1. 6th graders at Williamstown Elementary also want snow days . . . their graduation is set for June 23rd and they won't make up any days after that.