Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Winter Storm Watch for Friday for Northern Berkshire County

We don't suggest you go into full freak out mode just yet, but the National Weather Service just dropped a Winter Storm Watch on Northern Berkshire County. Nothing has been posted for Southern Berkshire County yet, but we see a Winter Weather Advisory in your near future.

The Watch is up because the potential for 5-10 inches of snow exists. Because Northern Berkshire is the southernmost area of the watch, this likely means that we'll be on the low end of the 5-10 inch prediction. Also, the Watch begins at 5 AM and ends at 11 AM on Saturday.

We do want to remind you that a Watch does not mean a snow storm will definitely happen. We will raise the True North Confidence Meter up a few ticks in response to the Watch, but things will get real only if the Watch gets bumped up to a Winter Storm Warning. If that happens, students in several schools will not have classes on Friday.

Perhaps it's a sign--perhaps it isn't--but 20 years ago on these exact dates New England got pounded by a major snow storm. Here's a map from the 1997 storm on March 31 and April 1, courtesy of Boston meteorologist David Epstein.

We really doubt we'll reach snow totals that high, but it is a nor'easter and there may just be enough cold air in place to give us moderate to heavy snowfall throughout the day on Friday.

Twelfth graders--and sixth graders--rejoice.

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