Monday, February 27, 2017

We're Back...And So Is Spring

Our apologies for the lack of posts recently. The record-breaking warmth we just experienced last week really depressed some of the staff members, so we all decided to take a few days off, regroup, and get ready for a several more weeks of winter.

Unfortunately, this strategy has backfired as more record-breaking warmth is headed our way for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Sad.

We were watching our friend Bob Kovachick on Channel 13 NYT and he revealed that the 74 degree mark that hit in Albany on Friday was the warmest temperature in winter (December, January, February) in the history of the recorded daily temperatures (1874). And still there are some who doubt damaging climate change is occurring.

From eastern Mass meteorologist Dave Epstein. This trend suggests GSD will be out of business in about 20 years.
We won't see 70 this week, but we could come close on Wednesday. As for liquid or frozen precipitation, we have a chance of showers Tuesday night and then a chance for more thunderstorms on Wednesday. The official GSD position is that we should not be seeing thunderstorms this time of year.

But a change in the temperature is coming for Friday. We could see a dusting of snow on Friday as well as temps moderate and return to the low 30s.

As for bigger storms, we see nothing in the meteorological crystal ball. There's another chance for a dusting or inch of snow on Tuesday (the 6th) but that's about the size of it.

We know that Old Man Winter has one more trick up his sleeve. It might take a few weeks but, despite how warm it will get for the next few days, winter is not over.

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