Monday, March 13, 2017

Cancellations and a Blizzard Warning

It's only been a few times that we've been able to write the words "Blizzard Warning" in the history of the Greylock Snow Day. We'll mark it down for the record books. Yay us!A blizzard warning has very little to do with snow totals; it's all about visibility. With the wind supposed to kick up into the mid and upper 30 mph range, the NWS has gone with the Blizzard Warning until midnight tomorrow because visibility will drop to below a quarter mile for at least a 3-hour period.

It's a probably a good decision for Superintendents, if they haven't done so already, to phone in their decisions now.

It would appear either Lee or Lenox was the first to remove the bottom block on the Jenga tower. Once those two made their decision, many others have followed suit.

Here's our list, which we'll update here or in a separate post later.

SNOW DAY (updated 10:14 PM; new schools in blue):

Berkshire Christian
Berkshire Community College
Berkshire Country Day
Berkshire Hills
Berlin (NY)
Central Berkshire
Emma Miller Memorial
Farmington River
Gabriel Abbott
Hoosick Falls (NY)
Housatonic Academy
Miss Hall's
Mohawk Trail
Mount Greylock
New Lebanon (NY)
North Adams
Northern Berkshire (McCann)
Pine Cobble
Southern Berkshire
Southern Vermont College
Southern Vermont Supervisory Union
Williams College (Administrative Offices & Children's Center)

Here's a very interesting map about expected precipitation for this storm. Many teams these projections are high, but let's just engage in the process and understand what this forecast map is saying.

As you can see, parts of Berkshire County are in the 2.5 inches of liquid precipitation range. Using a standard 12:1 ratio of snow to liquid, that, my friends, is a projected 30" snowfall. Yeesh.

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