Saturday, March 11, 2017

Winter Storm Watch Begins Late Monday Night

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for the Berkshires, starting late Monday and lasting through Wednesday. The potential exists for 7+ inches of snow in this period.

The models are still not in full agreement for a blockbuster winter storm for Western Mass. But here is one inescapable fact: it will snow on Tuesday at some point for several hours. The cold air is firmly in place and the moisture will arrive at some point. The GSD Staff is confident we'll see at least 6 inches of snow, but the track of the nor'easter will determine if we (the Berkshires) see an additional 6 inches on top of that or even an additional 12 inches. An 18-inch snowfall total is not out of the question for this storm.

The most recent forecast map from the NWS suggests we're in for a doozy:

Get the plows and shovels ready...
Even though the potential exists for this much snow, we think this map is just a little aggressive. Realistically, we'll see 8-12 inches for the Berkshires, which will almost assuredly shut schools down for Tuesday.

We will not be surprised to see two things happen in the next 48 hours: 1) the NWS will upgrade our Watch to a Warning; 2) School Districts will begin to phone in school cancellations on Monday night.

More to follow on Sunday.

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