Sunday, March 12, 2017

Waving the Warning Flag

It's about 30 hours until the biggest storm of the entire season is about to descend upon us poor and beleaguered Berkshirites. Yes, the weather hype machine is cranked up to 11. Hide all your valuables. Keep your children and pets indoors. Raid the shelves of the local grocery store because Snowmageddon will be upon us soon.

That's certainly how a few of the major weather outlets are portraying this storm. And they could be right, but we think we'll be on the lower end of some of their forecast totals. Everybody relax.

Witness some of their fine work:

The Weather Channel
The range here is 12-24 inches of snow. And the NWS is on board too as they have officially upgraded us from the Winter Storm Watch to the Winter Storm Warning. The Warning begins at midnight Monday and ends at 8 PM on Wednesday. The warning is calling for 10-18 inches of snow with gusty winds and potential snowfall rates of 3 inches per hour at time on Tuesday. If we are to take this guidance seriously--and there's no reason we shouldn't--there aren't going to be many Superintendents willing to open up their schools on Tuesday.

We are still sticking with our 8-10 inch prediction, and that will be more than enough to cancel school. We'll start to see a few local maps tomorrow, and we'll see if the local meteorologists agree with us. But if we're on the upper end of predicted snow totals, the big question will not be "will we have a snow day Tuesday?," but "will we have snow days both Tuesday and Wednesday?"

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